Lo que debo recordar de 2014 Chispazos inolvidables


01 Ex Cops Black soap 02 Black English Leave the door wide open 03 The Raveonettes Killer in the streets 04 The Twilight Sad I could give you all that you don't want 05 Mogwai Teenage exorcists 06 Lost Tapes Blame it on Rio 07 Tremenda Trementina Sangre pop 08 Weeping Willows It takes a strong heart to love 09 Sharon Van Etten Taking chances 10 The Rosebuds Blue eyes 11 My Autumn Empire Blue coat 12 Johnny Aries To be desired 13 Baxter Dury Pleasure 14 The Ropes Sadness is the rich man's drug 15 The War On Drugs An ocean in between the waves 16 Future Islands Seasons (waiting on you) 17 Broncho Class historian 18 Linda Guilala Haciendo daño 19 Pink Mountaintops Shakedown 20 Saintseneca Happy alone 21 Cassettes On Tape I was wrong 22 Line & Circle Mine is mine

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Chispazos inolvidables 2013: Desperate Journalist: "Distance" / León Benavente: "Estado provisional" 
Chispazos inolvidables 2012: Toy: "Lose my way" / Amor de Tokyo: "Vendrá tu boca"
Chispazos inolvidables 2011: The Vaccines: "Post break up sex" / Remate: "Gigante"
Chispazos inolvidables 2010: Crocodiles: "Mirrors" / Joaquín Pascual: "Ella me atropelló"
Chispazos inolvidables 2009: The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart: "Young Adult Friction" / Elle Belga: "Todas Las Cosas".
Chispazos inolvidables 2008: The Last Shadow Puppets: "Standing Next To Me" / Julio de la Rosa: "La Cama".

Chispazos inolvidables 2007: Blonde Redhead: "Spring And By Summer Falls / Algora: "Paraaguas".
Chispazos inolvidables 2006: Infadels: "Girl That Speaks No Words" / Delorean: "As Time Breaks Off".

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