Lo que debo recordar de 2012 24 chispazos inolvidables


01 TOY: "Lose My way"
I never thought I'd lose my way over you. What did I do?
02 Beach House: "Wishes"
One in your life / it happens once and rarely twice
03 Guards: "Silver Lining"
I wanna live forever on a boat out in the sea
04 Amor de Tokyo: "Vendrá tu boca"
Así es como yo me fui vistiendo cada día con un nuevo disfraz
05 Magic Wands: " Kiss me dead"
Melt in the dark / the branches of dreams
06 Joel Alme: "Everything blows away"
I have tried in every way to find something real
07 Disaster In The Universe: "Curiosity"
08 Los Punsetes: "Los tecnócratas"
Ya están aquí los tecnócratas / con estrategias asépticas
09 Motorama: "To the South"
You will drive to the South / I will stay alone 
10 The Fresh And Onlys: "Presence of mind"
Essence of life, should be easier to survive
11 The Helio Sequence: "October"
There will be a next time / So you go go go if you wanna go
12 Dead Mellotron: "Stranger"
13 La Bien Querida: "Los picos de Europa"
Que si la pena matara ya me hubiera muerto yo
14 Wymond Miles: "Pale moon"
15 The Babies: "Alligator"
Life is funny. Life's a laugh. Life is lonely
16 Crybaby: "We're supposed to be in love"
17 Palma Violets: "Best of friends"
Jumping jolly to the end, I wanna be your friend
18 Crocodiles: "No black clouds for Dee Dee" 
No more fools spit judgements on you  
19 Tilly & The Wall: "All kinds of guns"   
He ain't the kind of soul you wanna test 
20 Baden Baden: "78"
How I wish you there running to me silently
21 M. Ward: "Primitive girl"
And I'd like to think , I'm a primitive guy
22 Bishop Morocco: "Old boys"
23 Papa: "Put me to work"
I wanna see the lights / put me to work tonight
24 Melody's Echo Chamber: "I follow you"
It's been too long since you are gone

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Chispazos inolvidables 2010: Crocodiles: "Mirrors" / Joaquín Pascual: "Ella me atropelló" 
Chispazos inolvidables 2009: The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart: "Young Adult Friction" / Elle Belga: "Todas Las Cosas".
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Chispazos inolvidables 2007: Blonde Redhead: "Spring And By Summer Falls / Algora: "Paraaguas".
Chispazos inolvidables 2006: Infadels: "Girl That Speaks No Words" / Delorean: "As Time Breaks Off".

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